The Sharing the Prize Seed Grant has at its root the story of a farmer whose crop won top awards every year. Upon receiving his annual honors, the farmer would distribute some of his prize seed with neighboring farmers to plant in their own fields. As the growing season progressed and his neighbors’ fields began to flourish, the wind would blow pollen from field to field, and the cross-pollination assured that all the crops were strong.
  • Like this farmer, the law firm of Jaburg & Wilk and the Jaburg & Wilk Foundation believe that as we foster strength in our community – from the ground up – we grow stronger, our community thrives and we all enjoy greater rewards.
  • The annual Sharing the Prize Seed Grant program will provide two Valley non-profit organizations with $25,000 to accomplish a shared community improvement project that lifts and strengthens the greater Valley community – our kids, our neighborhoods, our schools, our underserved populations.

    In the spirit of sharing, qualified candidates will put forward a proposed project that requires at least two Valley nonprofit organizations to partner with one another to improve the condition of Valley community-based efforts focused on education, children and at-risk citizens.